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Debt Settlement Downfalls

Debt Settlement Downfalls Debt settlement is a legitimate way to handle some circumstances. The industry however, has been hindered by scam companies and compromised by pop up shops and underqualified companies. These companies prey on consumers that are in desperate need and willing to get out of debt as quick as they can. The wonderful […]

Teachable money moments for your child

Teachable money moments for your child Most kids start learning about money earlier than a lot of people think and it’s usually from watching their parents. Your everyday decisions about what to buy and how to save can be teachable moments. It’s positive to create opportunities to talk to kids about money, so they learn […]

Decoding Millennials’ Financial Preferences and Behaviors

Millennials and Generation X Millennials and Generation X control more than half of overall buying power in the United States. However Millennials and Gen Xers exhibit vastly different preferences for credit products.   Lenders must understand these differences in order to acquire engage and retain millennial customers. Difference number one millennials carry to fewer credit […]